Better Than Gold

Over and over and over again, Real Estate Investments prove to be the path to financial success, and financial freedom. More personal wealth has been created using Real Estate Investing as the vehicle than any other investment plan anywhere. Typically owning one property allows you to stay at the status quo with the economy but 2, 3, and more, allow you to rise above the status quo and reach your financial goals at a much accelerated pace. Don’t let the opportunity pass you buy. Invest in Real Estate today.

About Me


Having now had over 15 years experience in the Commercial and Investment Real Estate market, I am well suited to make the perfect match of buyer and seller. Over the years, I have specialized in the listing and selling of multi-family properties, but I also list, sell, and lease almost all types of commercial & investment properties.

I recognize that investing in Real Estate is a business, not a hobby or something you do just for the fun of it. You are investing your hard earned capital. Each investment decision you make is done with proper and thorough examination. I respect your specific needs and work with you to find properties and buyers that work with your investment goals. You invest in real estate for one reason only, to advance your financial position.

If you are a seller, I have a list of buyers, all with different criteria and reasons for buying.
If you are a buyer, I may have the property you are looking for already available. If I don’t, I will find it. Knowing how to find a property for you, or a buyer for your property is one of the things I do best. I work to build a relationship, long term, with my clientele.

So let’s get started now.
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Profit is not a 4 letter word.